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The cryptocurrency

It’s still not too late to join the cryptocurrency rocket!

You might not have noticed it, but the rise of the cryptocurrency will make the history books. Now it’s up to you to decide what side of history you’ll be on, the side that invested in time, or the side that missed the boat.

Why should I invest in crypto currencies?

Unlike traditional shares, cryptocurrencies can achieve profits few markets have ever seen before. A lot of people are talking about the ‘bubble’ that might explode any minute. Fact is, cryptocurrencies might actually be around for a lot of years to come, it could even be the future of investing!

Because of the insane margins that can be reached when you buy a coin early on, the Buy and Forget strategy can be very lucrative. Just like traditional shares, a company can use the money earned by selling those shares to grow. Cryptocurrencies share this concept. Bitcoin and Litecoin only act as currencies, but coins like IOTA and Tronix have a goal beyond being a currency. When those futuristic concepts eventually get deployed, the value of the connected coin will rise as well.

How to get started with investing in crypto’s?

Everything you need to know to be able to ride the crytorocket to the moon and beyond

1. Creating wallets and accounts for the exchanges.

Before we can enter the launch station, we obviously need to sign up for the ride to the moon. Follow this guide to get your wallet(s) and exchange accounts ready for transactions!

2. Making the first investments

Okay, so we now have access to the launch platform. But the rocket needs to be fueled up before we’re ready to launch! In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about making your first investments in the cryptocurrency safely. We’ll even give you some good tips!

3. Maintaining your balances and keeping them safe

So now we’ve launched and we’re headed towards the moon. But we obviously don’t want to crash into anything! In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about maintaining your balances and keeping them safe.

Tronix is a coin designed to let users of social media platforms own their own content. This means users will be owners of their data, and revenues generated by the particular post.

The cryptocurrency to invest

IOTA is a coin which recently grew to $5 because of a big hype caused by several partnerships. IOTA wants to take a big part in the way future Internet of Things machines interact which eachother.

Ripple is a coin which has a lot of simularities with Bitcoin and Litecoin, however, there’s one big difference. Instead of a supply that keeps growing while more users mine it, Ripple destroys a small bit of the supply at each transaction.

The cryptocurrency MANA

We all know Second Life right? Imagine a Second Life concept, but instead of looking to a computer screen users will be able to wander the digital world of Decentraland trough their virtual reality headsets. This might sound a little odd, but imagine the possibilities of VR clothing shops for example.

Decentraland (MANA)‘s first opportunity to claim land will take place, along with the Beta launch of the Iron Age. This means a big reduction (around 10%) of the MANA coin supply. The event will last a week.

Great news! Tronix (TRX) will make a partnership with the huge Asian company: Alibaba! And later this month the coin supply will be decreased which also means profit! Tronix has made a spectacular price increase the past few weeks from €0.002 to €0.015, we can expect this coin to grow further a huge percentage the following months!

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